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Helping Your Child

Families often ask how they can support learning at home. Here are a few ideas to help your child’s development at home.

  •  Attend school regularly
  •  Complete homework regularly and on time
  •  Encourage independence e.g. tidying up, dressing and undressing, collecting their own resources
  •  Visit local libraries
  •  Encourage them to hold a pencil correctly when drawing or colouring and to write in line with the school handwriting  policy
  •  Read and discuss stories and books on a daily basis. Please remember to comment on development using their home-school reading booklet
  •  Continually develop their literacy and numeracy skills whilst helping with the house jobs e.g. setting the table – how  many spoons,  talk about what you can see e.g. on the bus, walking to school – what number is on the bus, noticing colours and shapes, use our weekly Talk Topic as a basis for conversation and discussion.