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Areas of Learning and Development

Areas of Learning and Development

In the early years of children’s learning, all teaching and learning is led by the children. The staff spend considerable time observing the children to ensure that their teaching and the children’s learning reflects their interests and needs. From these observations, a range of very creative and exciting contexts for learning evolve. Within all contexts for learning, the children learn skills, acquire new knowledge and demonstrate their understanding through seven areas of learning and development.

The Early Years Foundation Stage 2021 framework identifies three prime areas of learning, which are the vital foundation for developing appropriate learning behaviours, forming relationships, being able to listen and respond to others and thriving. These areas underpin all development in EYFS. These three prime areas are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

The curriculum breaks down into four further specific areas of learning, through these areas the prime areas are strengthened and put into practice. These four specific areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Effective learning must be meaningful to our children so that they can use what they have learned and apply it to a range of situations. This will allow for our children to make good progress across all seven areas of learning and development.