This week’s news….

Welsh of the Week: To mutate after the word ‘dy’.

Talk Topic: My favourite author  is… because…

House Points: Gwydion: 216.66 Gelert: 336.36 Arthur: 125

Pupils of the week: Lona and Siôn.

P1030382 (Large)P1030383 (Large)

Welsh speaker of the week: Aled

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Courtney and Ffyon



This is what happened this week at our school…

Welsh of the Week: To mutate after a noun, e.g. y ferch ferch.

Talk Topic: My perfect meal would be….

House Points: Gwydion:1.33 Gelert:2.90 Arthur:2.5

Pupils of the week: Ffion a Huw

P1030369 (Large)P1030357 (Large)

Ffyon and Sam


Welcome back! We hope that you enjoyed your summer holidays!

Welsh of the Week: I did not….

Talk Topic: My favourite weather is… because…

House Points: Gwydion:0.66 Gelert:0.36 Arthur:1

New School Council members: Year 1 and 2: Dylan and Aneurin Year 3 and 4: Siôn and Idris Year 5 and 6: Gwynfor and Courtney Congratulations!

IMG_0461 (Large)

Class one’s theme: Forests Class two’s theme: Dream for a Druid (The Celts).

Gruff, Gwynfor and Sam.



This week in the London Welsh School…

Another week has passed and the summer holidays are closer than ever.

in Class 1, They’ve been studying Brazil and it’s cultures.

In Class 2, they’ve been reading Danny And The Champion Of The World. Also we’ve been to Wondercrump.

Saffron and Huw had the honour of being the Pupils Of The Week

-Elan, Geraint Saffron and Talyr




This week in the London Welsh School…

In Class 1, they have been learning about famous Brazil Carnivals. Also they have been reading stories like: Rympelstiltskin and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

In Class 2, we’ve have been reading Danny And The Champion of the World since our theme is “Champions”. also we’ve been studying the welsh cyclist Geraint Thomas.

Today, we found out that Talyr and Elen won our “Pupil of The Week” award. Congrats!

- Elan.




This week in the London Welsh School…

In Class 1, they’ve said farewell to their beloved caterpillars which have now morphed into beautiful butterflies. Also, they’ve been to Bunny Park to research the life cycle of bunnies.

In Class 2, we’ve been studying the classic welsh tale “Cantre’r Gwaelod”. we have decided to recreate this story into an interactive story and put it on YouTube.

Today Courtney & Genova-Rosethe honour of winning the Pupils Of The Week award.

Now all of us can celebrate the school holidays!!! SCHOOLS OUT !!! WOO!HOO!





Only 1 more week of school until the holidays .We have the Eisteddfod coming up in Fflint and we would like to say a big thank you to Rhian Hughes Ahmad, Catrin Manel, Huw Evans and Sioned Baker for their help.  All the contestants performed today for the parents.

This week Class 1 have been studying the development of human beings.

One of the things Class 2 have studied is healthy eating and keeping fit

This week we had 3 pupils of the week: Gwynfor , Emlyn  and Penri. The weekly talk topic is “My ideal meal would be…” We would like to wish Steffan and Elen a very happy birthday.





By Geraint  and Saffron


This Week in the London Welsh School…

In Class 1, they had the pleasure to spend a day in the forest, based on the famous tale, ‘The Gruffalo’. Also they’ve been studying the life cycle of caterpillars! Finally they have added a new member to the Class 1 family… CATERPILLARS!

In Class 2, we’ve been making a fact file about wickedly talented…CHARLIE CHAPLIN! In addition, we went to see artefacts in the basement of Hanwell Community Centre.

Today, we’ve found out that Geraint and Sara-Manon  had the honour of winning Pupils Of The Week.



Another busy school week at London Welsh School is coming to an end.

Class 1 have been learning about the frogs lifecycle but meanwhile class 2 have been writing and reading adventure stories.

Congratulations to the pupils of the week  Bronwen and Ffyon

Our weekly talk topic is “my fear is”?

By Geraint and Saffron


This week in the London Welsh School…

In Class 1, they’ve found out their new theme is “The Circle Of Life”!!! They’ve welcomed a new member of their class… THE TADPOLES!!!! Also they’ve been making pamphlets about bunnies since a rabbit visited the school.

In Class 2, our theme is “New Visions”. We’ve been scouting the local area and taking pictures of the building.

Today, Talyr  and Elinor had the honour of being “Pupils of the Week.”. And finally, our Weekly Talk Topic has changed to ” if you had to pick a pet what would it be.

- Elan  and Talyr .





This week in the London Welsh School…

In Class 1, they’ve been baking bread! Yum! Also they’ve been studying Christopher Ren, one of the most highly acclaimed architects.

In Class 2, We have visited India and North Africa. Today we are going to try Middle Eastern foods!!!!

Today, we celebrated Easter by having a massive easter egg hunt!!! A ridiculously HUGE thanks to Karline Bowen for creating and organising it. In assembly, Geraint Richards and Steffan Emmerich had the honour of winning Pupils of The Week.

- Elan and Talyr







This week at our school we have been rehearsing our parts for  the Eisteddfod this weekend at Eglwys Gymraeg Canol Llundain.

Class 2 have been studying Italy, meanwhile class 1 have been learning about the great fire of London and

have gone on a trip around central London.

Our weekly talk topic was “if you could meet anyone who would it be”.

Gwydion won today with 6 points Gelert had 4 but it was very close a point behind Gelert was Arthur with 3.

By Saffron and Geraint













This week in the London Welsh School…


In Class One, they have been studying ‘The Great Fire Of London’ on Pudding Lane. Also they have been making Bee-rilliant Mother’s Day cards!!!

In Class Two, we heard the story of Phileas Fogg going around the world in 80 days, and now we decided to recreate the places he’s been!!! This week we went to FRANCE! We ate different varieties of French cheeses, baguettes and Crepes.

On Tuesday we were EXTREMELY lucky to go to Houses Of Parliament to give flowers to the Speaker, Mr John Bercow. Afterwards we performed in a St David’s Day service where we had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson!!! A very big thank you to all the parents who came to the service and a huge thank you to Rhian Hughes Ahmad for the time she given to help us prepare for the service. Finally a big thank you to Rhian Medi Roberts for organising it for us.

- Elan

London Welsh School in the Houses Of Parliament
London Welsh School in the Houses Of Parliament




This week in our school we have started our new themes for the next half term. Class one are learning about London and its famous landmarks, however class two’s theme is “Around the World”. Next Tuesday we will be taking part in the St David’s Day Service in Westminster, so we’ve been practising a lot for that. Our pupils of the week were Aidan and Seren. Our weekly talk topic is “something you don’t know about me is…” Our pupils of the week – Aidan and Seren

Pupil getting the seal of approval.
Pupil getting the seal of approval.



This week in the London Welsh School… In Class 1, they’ve been practising their Tremendous Superhero Assembly which they’ve performed today in front of Class 2 and parents. After their many weeks of training they’ve finally graduated from their “Superhero School”. Big thank you to all of the parents that came to the assembly! In Class 2, we have been making our products for our businesses. On Wednesday we started selling to the parents and Miri Mawr. Another big thanks to the parents and others that supported our groups by coming and buying our products. Today is the last day of half term. In two weeks we will be writing again . Hope everyone has a cordial holiday!!! – Elan Davies and Talyr Hughes Ahmad.



This week in the school class 1 have made their own superhero capes and masks. Meanwhile in class 2 we have been continuing with our  businesses making egg candles, batiks, coasters and salt dough models. Gwynfor and Dylan had the honour of receiving pupils of the week. The welsh for the week is “the welsh verbs finishing in ais”. The talk topic for the  week  is “a good deed I’ve done  is . . .” This week TFL came to speak with years 5 and 6. by Geraint and Saffron   Gwynfor and Dylan         29.01.16

29/1/16 This week in the London Welsh School… In Class 1, they have been decorating their door with their theme this half term, SUPERHEROES! They have also been decorating t-shirts for themselves if they were superheroes. And lastly, they have been studying the blind superhero “Daredevil”. In Class 2, Although we’ve been working very hard, we have also been creating many different crafts, for example; egg candles, batiks and salt dough models. This was a lot of fun, however it was also to prepare for our business groups that Mrs Griffiths has assigned us to do. Today, we have found out that Cerith and Elinor had the honour of winning our Pupils Of The Week. Also today, we found out that our weekly talk topic is “My Favourite Colour is…And Why.” Lastly we had our first school council meeting!