We follow the Welsh Curriculum at the London Welsh School.


We use the Cornerstones Curriculum packages, which are a fresh, exciting and creative approach to learning.

Cornerstones Curriculum (Wales) has been written specifically for Welsh schools to support them in the delivery of the revised Welsh Curriculum. It delivers on the principles and guidelines as set out in the document  ‘Curriculum for Wales – revised Areas of Learning and programmes of study’. 


We follow the Big Maths scheme. What is Big Maths?

Every Friday the pupils complete three Big Maths tests:

  • Learn its - an arithmetic test that should be completed in 30/60 seconds. The aim is to improve the pupils’ speed and accuracy with mental arithmetic.
  • CLIC - a leveled test. If a pupil scores 10/10 in three consecutive weeks he/she then moves up to the next level.
  • SAFE – a challenge that covers Wider Maths (the rest of the maths curriculum).

Literacy is an area that will receive a great deal of attention in our School Development Plan this year. We will be using  the following schemes in school:

Tric A Chlic (Peniarth)

Tric a Chlic is a phonics literacy programme specifically selected for the Foundation Phase pupils. What is Tric a Chlic?

Geirio Gwych/ Big Writing – Mathew McAvoy / Andrell Education

Big Writing is an approach to teaching writing and raising writing standards. What is Big Writing?

Big Writing also concentrates on the importance of talk – “If the child can’t say it, the child can’t write it”, which emphasises the importance of developing speech and communication in young children.

It promotes conversations and discussions at home that have been introduced and developed in school. We will introduce a new talk topic during assembly and the topic will also be discussed in class. We kindly ask you to discuss the topic with your child.

Our aim is to develop language skills as well as listening and comprehension abilities, which will also assist children when writing.